My Inspiration

Hello my fellow naturalistas, my future naturals and all those who just want to learn a little more about the wonderfully kinky, beautifully coily hair that you or someone you love was blessed with.  Your Natural Needs is my answer to the sometimes confusing and overwhelming process I went through to find what I needed to take care of my natural hair.

When I decided to go natural, I began researching natural hair care and almost immediately got hooked on natural hair YouTube videos.  Everything from our hair histories to instructional videos to natural hair journey videos; I felt like I discovered a support system to help anyone embracing their naturally curly hair.

But…I found myself shopping numerous stores and websites to find all the things I needed.  With my natural hair education came a desire to ensure my locs were as healthy as I could keep them by reducing my use of products with parabens, sulfates or alcohols.  Instead of shampoos I used apple cider vinegar rinses, African black soap and bentonite clay mixes.  I made my own protein treatments and flax seed gel.  I added oils and food products to inexpensive conditioners to create deep conditioners.  But I also used store bought co-washes, hair color, and moisturizers.  I also needed satin scarves, detangling tools and styling products.  I shopped everywhere from the grocery store to the beauty supply store to the corner CVS.

And then the dark side of the natural hair community reared its head.  I began to see comments speaking negatively about hair types and questioning authenticity.  I learned about the levels of self-hate that infected our culture, prejudices towards looser curls or tightly coiled tresses as well as the distasteful lack of acceptance that can occur from other races as well as our own.

Finally, I said enough is enough! Caring for our hair should not be difficult.  We deserve to be able to find what we need without going to multiple stores and websites.  We also deserve love, acceptance and recognition for our beauty.  So the questions began: What if there was one place to find everything we needed to care for our hair?  What if we had one place to learn about our hair through YouTube vloggers, natural hair bloggers and community forums?  What if we had a place to support each other’s journey by sharing our stories and tips?  What if there was a safe place to talk about hair frustrations and prejudices while finding support and acceptance?  What if we could encourage not just the acceptance of our hair in all communities but true hair love and the self-acceptance that can come with it?

Your Natural Needs is my little contribution to answering those “what ifs”. So become a part of our YNN family.  Shop, learn and grow with us.